Written Images

Written Images is a generative book project which means that every copy is unique. For this ambitious project Martin Fuchs managed to bring the who is who of generative artists together. Not least because of this it is a huge honor to me that I was selected by the jury to present my work in this book.

Call for Artists

All started with a call for artists, designers and developers to create generative programs that would each output one spread for the book. They are allowed to access external data from the internet as well as generating the images from internal algorithms.

first page of a Written Images book with serial number

Unique generative copies

All these programs run through a print-software which generates a new and unique image for each copy and assembles them together with meta-data to form a finished book.

test print Written Images

Simple rules-complex results

My contribution is based on simple elements like paths and circles. I combine, transform and arrange these elements according to simple rules. Even though the computer does the actual drawing it is a long, iterative process to find the right parameters that are working behind the curtains. Again and again I am fascinated how these explosions in, on and out of the canvas can yield such complex and beautiful results.

Detail of my Written Images contribution

Book presentation

On June 22, 2011 this book and the whole project was finally presented in the “Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance” in Berlin.

invitation to Written Images presentation at the LEAP Berlin