Nice to meet you. My name is Thomas Kräftner.

I create interactive, informative and generative things.


  • Schüller&Heise

    For the portfolio of the ad agency Schüller&Heise we jointly created a minimalistic concept which clearly focuses on their diverse projects. Of course still always considering the unique style of Schüller&Heise. And thanks to Responsive Design even for smartphones and tablets.

  • Strukt

    For the relaunch of the portfolio website the goal was to present the „digital media experiences“ Strukt realizes in a well-arranged and clear way. Thanks to Responsive Design the site perfectly adapts to the device the visitor is using - from Desktop to Smartphone.

  • Schlaumeier

    Attention Schlaumeier! As a perfect supplement to the workbooks from E.Dorner now there are four new interactive CDs. Thanks to a random generator there are an almost endless number of variations and all of this without any installation. Just put your CD in and get started.

  • Chimbiss

    Chique like the diner itself - the new chimbiss website. Lovely details and an extraordinary concept welcome you warmly. Obviously the CCA jury came to the same conclusion as it awarded a Venus in bronze to the chimbiss website. One final tip - have a look at the website by night!

  • Gas Connect Austria

    In a compressor station for natural gas there are a lot of complex processes. Therefore Strukt was commisioned to create an explanatory informational video. I finally implemented this video for the website of Gas Connect Austria as an interactive version.

  • Kultur Burgenland

    „Kultur Burgenland“ needed a new key visual. Finding it was the goal of the corresponding contest. My draft was based on the idea of culture as a process - so what was closer than using a procedural approach by using generative design.

  • Push Snowboarding

    A rider with a bunch of sensors attached to his body and board? Sounds like science fiction but in fact it is a cooperation between Nokia and Burton. To visualize the collected data in an interesting way a contest was announced - with me ending up being the winner.

  • Written Images

    Written Images is a generative book project which means that every copy is unique. For this ambitious project Martin Fuchs managed to bring the who is who of generative artists together. Not least because of this it is a huge honor to me that I was selected by the jury to present my work in this book.