Thomas Kräftner

After my studies of Informationdesign I’ve been working as a freelance web developer for over 13 years, caring for my clients needs with passion and precision. My goal is to present content in clear, effective and aesthetically appealing ways.

🌍 Web & WordPress

I focus on web development, in particular on the solid creation and support of projects with the content management system WordPress. On this base I like to try new things and hence have a good understanding of surrounding fields of work.

🚀 The digital world is moving fast.

That’s why you need to constantly re-invent yourself instead of stubbornly sticking to what you’re used to. Therefore modern standards are very important to me, but without letting progress become an end in itself. Because short-lived trends come and go, but solid and thought-out solutions persist.

🎯 What doesn’t fit, doesn’t fit.

Your company and your project are unique and as such deserve a unique solution. That’s why I listen to you carefully and only then create a tailor-made offer for you. Because uninspired off-the-rack products as well as one-size-fits-all solutions lack individuality and are therefore a no-no for me.

👫 Well connected, because no one can do it all.

As an active member of the web community (in particular of the Vienna WordPress community) I am well connected. Since I know my strengths but also my limitations I might sometimes recommend you competent colleagues and partners. That’s because I only accept jobs I’ll be able to realize optimally.

Already convinced? Then I’m looking forward to hearing from you.