Reviving my blog

1½ years ago, in late spring 2018, I relaunched my website. But since I was in a hurry I skipped migrating my blog. This has been bugging me ever since so I’ve now finally took the time to get my old content back online.

Actually I then skipped the migration because I knew it would be quite some work to do it properly. And I wanted to make it right, since I really hate it myself if content just disappears from the web after a couple of years.
And boy was I right. There are plenty of things that make maintaining such old content complicated. Here is a quick summary of things I noticed while excavating the old posts:

🧟 Old content

The majority of my old posts are really old, dating back until 2008, almost all of it more than 7 years old as of today. I want to preserve them, but I’m also aware that some of them might not have aged well. So I added a warning to the top of those posts.

⚡ Flash content

This brings us to my next point. Since I started my carreer as a Flash developer I had plenty of Flash stuff in my blog. Obviously that wasn’t really salvageable since modern browser do not support Flash any more or will stop doing so soon. I added some screenshots, explained the situation and added direct downloads for the *.swf files for those who want to do web archeology.

A similar issue was this: Link rot is real, I always knew that. But wow, it is quite bad actually. 25 of 112 links were broken, more than 20%. I was able to replace the majority with links to archived versions at but a couple of them were irrecoverably gone. 😞

🔒 http → https

While checking and updating links I also noticed that almost all links from a couple of years ago were HTTP, but when checking the sites again now almost all sites are available via HTTPS. Great news I guess. 🎉

🖼️ Self-hosting

While I was at it I also downloaded all the externally linked images to host them myself. Even though most of them were from Flickr seeing all the link rot I decided it is better to have content on my own service than rely on third parties to reliably host them forever. Also from the privacy perspective not having any requests to third parties is favourable.

🌱 Ready for more

Now that I’ve cleaned up the old content and in the course of doing so finally set up the site for easy blogging I’ll hope to pick up blogging again. I’ve also enabled the RSS Feed for the blog. Check back soon!