Hype – play, experiment and win

Joshua Davis and Branden Hall published a Framework for Generative Design called HYPE. I had a first look and wrote my first extension.

Coded Beauty in Page Magazine

My diploma thesis just got featured in Page 03/2009. Below you can see the full text (sorry, only german) Kreativprogramm COMPUTERGRAFIK.

The power of constraints

Something everybody knows but still gets ignored most of the time is the power of constraints, keeping you from getting lost in complexity.

JustLineOn Tutorial for Non-Coders

There are two ways to create your own JustLineOn-Project. This second tutorial is for non-coders and works without any programming.

Coded Beauty/JustLineOn Tutorial

Explaining the concepts behind and how to create your own projects this tutorial explains how my thesis project JustLineOn works.


The last days I've been working on a file which has turned out to be quite nice. The initial thought was to draw a set of connected lines randomly moving across the canvas with predefined angles.


Still inspired by the same exhibition now this work started from Malewitsch's work Suprematist Composition: Airplane Flying.


Some days ago I was at an exhibition and when I looked at Mondrians Composition III I just had to do that.