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Hello WordCamp Europe, I’m Thomas.

I really like the idea of an introductory post for a conference so I’ve blatantly stolen it from Jeremy Felt, Rhys Wynne, Nuno Morgadinho and Daniel Koskinen.

Hi everybody. My name is Thomas and I live and work in Vienna, Austria. I am a freelance developer currently mainly working with WordPress. I’ve been using wordpress for several years now (2008 I think), but only recently decided to get involved in the community a bit more. Therefore I recently joined the WordPress Vienna Meetup. That is also why I was thinking about going to Leiden for some time. Winning a ticket yesterday finally made my decision.

I am really looking forward to learning a ton of new stuff as well as getting to know a lot of other WordPress users from Austria and all over the world. My main interests lie in:

  • Theme Development – I’m generally not a big fan of off-the-rack solutions and tend to carefully craft a custom theme for every client. This often means some extra work but also keeps me from feeling like an assembly line worker.
  • Development and Deployment Workflows – Anyway I try to optimize my workflow by using a good IDE, GIT, WP-CLI, Compass CSS-Precompiler and so on.
  • WordPress isn’t everything – Dare I say that at a WordPress conference? Whatever. Besides WordPress I’m also interested in other topics like Data Visualization and Generative Design.

If any of that sounds interesting to you too feel free to come up to me for a chat. I’ll be in Leiden from Friday late afternoon on and as I travel alone I am even more eager to get to know a lot of you. Oh and until then although not very active I am also on Twitter in case you feel like connecting.

Looking forward to meeting all of you. See you in Leiden!