Screenshot TipChip Homepage

An innovative casino token, an impressive corporate video and one goal - presenting the innovative TipChip casino experience as good as possible.

The casino of the future

TipChip aims to modernize the casino experience with an innovative casino token and a combination of wireless and multi-touch technology. In the future this will make cashless playing as well as paying additional services with just one gaming chip possible. To demonstrate this vision in real surroundings Airborne created an impressing corporate video.

flying TipChips

Corporate video and information

It was my job to create a website in cooperation with Ast&Nebel where the main focus is on the video, while also offering additional information on several access levels.


Therefore instead of a classic website I rather created an online presentation. On the horizontal axis you navigate from “slide to slide” while always keeping the corporate video as the central element in the background.

screenshot of a slide on the TipChip website


If you’d like too see the corporate video or some other clips in detail you can even watch them in fullscreen-mode. All of this has the advantage that the website can be used for product presentations right away just as it is.

Screenshot of the fullscreen-mode of the TipChip website