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For the portfolio of the ad agency Schüller&Heise we jointly created a minimalistic concept which clearly focuses on their diverse projects. Of course still always considering the unique style of Schüller&Heise. And thanks to Responsive Design even for smartphones and tablets.

Joint concept-creation

Every client is unique. If a client himself has design-competence in-house it is only reasonable to use it. Therefore augmented by my technical- and usability-consulting together we efficiently created a concept that satisfies all expectations towards a modern portfolio.

Screenshot of the design of

Automatism meets individuality

The content management system WordPress comes to the aid of the client in various ways, without ever limiting the individual freedom of choice. As such e.g. related projects are automatically displayed while still being able to manually override or disable them.

Screenshot of the related projects user interface

Responsive Design from the beginning

Of course we also didn’t forget about the growing number of visitors with Tablets and Smartphones. The website is always adapting to the available space thanks to Responsive Design by altering the layout in multiple steps to deliver the perfect variant.

Comparison of the 3 layouts of the responsive design of