Schlaumeier CDs before Logo

Attention Schlaumeier! As a perfect supplement to the workbooks from E.Dorner now there are four new interactive CDs. Thanks to a random generator there are an almost endless number of variations and all of this without any installation. Just put your CD in and get started.

Tested, intuitive usage

The simple and intituitive user-interface was tested on students multiple times using usability tests during the creation to adapt them optimally to the didactic requirements and educational standards.

Screenshot of the menu of a Schlaumeier CD

Assistance for beginners

Not all kids are used to handling a computer. Therefore the basic types of interaction are explained at the beginning via simple exercises. Also later there is support for every excercise – at the beginning in spoken form, later also written.

Help-Button and Progress Display at a Schlaumeier CD

Diverse exercises

Once the basics are explained you can dive into a multitude of different types of exercises – fill-out, drawing and combining, story problems and riddles as well as many more. Some of them you can even try in the demo version.

Screenshot of the exercise number-grid

Dynamic exercises

To make the CD long-term fun I realized almost all exercises with a random generator that constantly varies the lesson. Thus they don’t repeat and are always a new challenge – even at the hundredth try.

Screenshot of a dynamic exercise of a Schlaumeier CD

Get started immediately

Last but not least easy usage when it comes to the issue of installation was very important – as there is none. The exercises can be run right from the CD using any flash-capable browser. So just put your CD in and get started immediately!