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Seminars, conferences & trainings - to quickly get a general idea of the educational opportunities offered by the Raiffeisen Campus more than a simple list is needed. Calendar view, search and filters make choosing a suitable course way easier.

Clearly structured

The Raiffeisen Campus offers a wide range of educational opportunities in different formats and for various target groups: Seminars and conferences, single trainings and multipart courses as well as opportunities for everyone from the simple employee to the top-level functionary.
To present this variety in a user-friendly way a clear and concise site-structure with a comprehensible navigation is needed.

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Important facts at a glance

To find the key facts at a glance important information about the various educational opportunities like time, place, speaker and costs are clearly laid out next to the extensive descriptions.

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Member Area

The password protected Member Area makes it possible to easily offer selected content to a certain group of users.

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