Push Snowboarding

A rider with a bunch of sensors attached to his body and board? Sounds like science fiction but in fact it is a cooperation between Nokia and Burton. To visualize the collected data in an interesting way a contest was announced - with me ending up being the winner.

Collecting data

To collect all data that is relevant for a ride pulse, stress, pressure on the bindings as well as speed, orientation and GPS-position are measured and transmitted to a Nokia N8.

visualizing the sensors for Push Snowboarding

Analyzing informationen

Already at the first look at the data a lot of ideas regarding information-analysis for the purpose of training and statistical analysis come to your mind. But as this seemed to obvious to me I tried to find a different approach.

screenshot of the raw sensor data of Push Snowboarding

Fun and Beauty

It’s about snowboarding, a fun sport that is not only athletically challenging but also strongly lives from its artistic beauty. So why not use the data to capture this beauty in an abstract way. Said and done.

detail of the Push Snowboarding visualization

Generative Visualization

Each ride draws a path according to the GPS-position and varies its appearance according to the other parameters. As such you can preserve the beauty of snowboarding in a picture that you can hang on a wall or use as wallpaper for your Nokia N8.

Push Snowboarding visualization

Snowboard Design

Or why not even print it on a unique snowboard that you can then use to collect more data for even more impressing visualizations.

2 Snowboards with Push Snowboarding Visuals