Gas Connect Austria

main menu of the interactive animation

In a compressor station for natural gas there are a lot of complex processes. Therefore Strukt was commisioned to create an explanatory informational video. I finally implemented this video for the website of Gas Connect Austria as an interactive version.

Interactive Animation

The animation starts just like a normal video, but already after a couple of seconds pulsating yellow dots appear. From here on the user takes control. How the story continues is from now on decided by the user whenever the yellow hotspots appear.

main menu of the interactive animation with hotspots

Fluid transitions

Depending on his choice he gets to know interesting facts about the various areas of a compressor station. Meanwhile a smart preloader takes care in the background that the next clip already gets loaded so that after each choice the animation can continue without interruption.


Easy Configuration

Thanks to a flexible system you can easily configure videos, titles as well as hotspot-positions and jump targets without any programming skills.

Screenshot configuration XML-file