Coded Beauty

Coded Beauty cover-illustration

Everybody is talking about Generative Design by now. Already in the year 2008 I extensively explored this topic with my diploma thesis - "Coded Beauty - The Generative Method as aesthetic practice of Computer Graphics".

Digital Methods

Todays creation process is already digitally informed in much of the media sector. Nevertheless the methods used remain bound to the pre-computer era. Generative Computer Graphics in contrast offer new approaches that do justice to the potential that lies within New Media.

Coded Beauty book and CD

“Explaining” ideas

If someone comes up with an idea for a media production he first has to put it into practice. That takes time. And if you change the idea you have to start from scratch. Does it have to be like that? What if you could “explain” your ideas to the computer so he then carries them out automatically and variably? That would save time, money and nerves. That’s exactly what the Generative Method does.

Screenshot of a JustLineOn project-file

Crossing boundaries

In “Coded Beauty” the reader is confronted with the principles of the Generative Method and the potential that lies within. Thereby this thesis constantly crosses the boundaries between computer science, natural science, mathematics, design and art. Programs as creative material. Mathematics and science as creative playground. Art as Design.

Excerpt of the Coded Beauty index of contents

Practical examples

And for those who want more than theory there’s the accompanying program JustLineOn which offers the right start in the world of generative design. You can find JustLineOn as well as the diploma thesis and further information on the accompanying website

JustLineOn example