chimbiss Diner on homepage

Chique like the diner itself - the new chimbiss website. Lovely details and an extraordinary concept welcome you warmly. Obviously the CCA jury came to the same conclusion as it awarded a Venus in bronze to the chimbiss website. One final tip - have a look at the website by night!

The diner

Together with AST&NEBEL I had the goal to make the user immerse in the world of chimbiss. The website literally sits within the chimbiss: If you open the website you are welcomed by an elaborately designed snack wagon.

excerpt screenshot of the chimbiss snack wagon

Right at the heart of it

This snack wagon is at the same time menu and introduction to the diner. When selecting a menu item the snack wagon splits in the middle and unveils the requested content. But don’t worry – using an alternative navigation you can get there as well – no matter if you’re in a hurry or don’t have Flash installed.

alternative navigation for the chimbiss website


As a special feature the website changes its face outside the business hours and appears in a night version. So you should really stop by in the evening and explore the website a second time.

night version of the chimbiss website