TextFields and pure HTML – it’s a mess

3. September 2010 Ein Kommentar

Handling HTML in Flash TextFields as you all know is far from easy and intuitive. One thing that really drove me crazy is the fact that when adding Text or HTML to a TextField that already has HTML-Text in it a lot of weird or at least not quite intuitive things happen.


Hype Logo Animation

2. February 2010 Noch keine Kommentare

For last weeks Release-Party of the new Chimbiss Website I revisited the code from my Hype Logo Animation and added some After Effects fast-motion and that’s what I came up with:


LocalConnectionSync v0.1 released

19. January 2010 Noch keine Kommentare

For my last project for Chimbiss that was heavily based on multiple swf’s communicating via LocalConnection I realized that how LocalConnection works in Flash is far from intuitive. What I needed was a way to connect to a bunch of swfs, manage these connections and react to status changes. Some kind of solution to manage this was needed.


The Hype is mine!

14. January 2010 Noch keine Kommentare

I just received an email from Joshua Davis that actually made me quite happy by telling me that I won the Hype Contest!


Hype – ChainLayout and Logo Animation

13. December 2009 2 Kommentare

So after my last post on hype I kept on playing with it which eventually led to more visual output and another extension called ChainLayout.


Hype – play, experiment and win

4. December 2009 3 Kommentare

At Halloween Joshua Davis and Branden Hall published a Framework for Generative Design called HYPE. Soon after they started a contest to encourage people to start playing with it.
Already before this contest was announced I had of course grabbed a copy and started to play with it. First I tried and compared it to my diploma project Coded Beauty which finally led me to writing my first extension for HYPE.


Coded Beauty in Page Magazine

18. March 2009 Noch keine Kommentare

My diploma thesis “Coded Beauty” just got featured in Page 03/2009.


I won the 25-Line ActionScript Contest!

2. February 2009 Ein Kommentar

Yay! I won the contest! CS4 is all mine! Thanks again to everybody who voted for me!


The power of constraints

17. January 2009 2 Kommentare

One of the things everybody knows but are still ignored most of the times is the power of constraints. It keeps you from loosing yourself in complexity and saves you a lot of time when an idea turns out not to work. Therefore I love the The 25-Line ActionScript Contest run by Keith Peters. I have to admit it’s also the hope of winning a CS4 Suite.


JustLineOn Tutorial for Non-Coders

7. November 2008 Noch keine Kommentare

As already mentioned in my last basic Tutorial there are two ways of creating your own JustLineOn-Project. Now I want to explain the easier one that is targeted towards non-coders and should therefore be suitable for almost everybody.