Hello WordCamp Europe, I’m Thomas.

3. October 2013 Noch keine Kommentare

I really like the idea of an introductory post for a conference so I’ve blatantly stolen it from Jeremy Felt, Rhys Wynne, Nuno Morgadinho and Daniel Koskinen.

Hi everybody. My name is Thomas and I live and work in Vienna, Austria. I am a freelance developer currently mainly working with WordPress. I’ve been using wordpress for several years now (2008 I think), but only recently decided to get involved in the community a bit more. Therefore I recently joined the WordPress Vienna Meetup. That is also why I was thinking about going to Leiden for some time. Winning a ticket yesterday finally made my decision.

I am really looking forward to learning a ton of new stuff as well as getting to know a lot of other WordPress users from Austria and all over the world. My main interests lie in:

If any of that sounds interesting to you too feel free to come up to me for a chat. I’ll be in Leiden from Friday late afternoon on and as I travel alone I am even more eager to get to know a lot of you. Oh and until then although not very active I am also on Twitter in case you feel like connecting.

Looking forward to meeting all of you. See you in Leiden!

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