Expectations and Reality – The importance of documentation

16. March 2015 Noch keine Kommentare

How a simple inaccuracy in the documentation of the Automatic Background Updates feature of WordPress made a well-intended forced update cause an uproar.


Hello WordCamp Europe, I’m Thomas.

3. October 2013 Noch keine Kommentare

I really like the idea of an introductory post for a conference so I’ve blatantly stolen it from Jeremy Felt, Rhys Wynne, Nuno Morgadinho and Daniel Koskinen. Hi everybody. My name is Thomas and I live and work in Vienna, Austria. I am a freelance developer currently mainly working with WordPress. I’ve been using wordpress […]


Responsive Dividers (including Sass Mixins)

29. May 2013 Noch keine Kommentare

Ever wondered how to achieve row dividers in a fully fluid multi-row grid layout that support variable element height and count? Wow, buzzword-chaos you might think. But actually it is quite simple.


WOHNENlive on Open Government Data

23. October 2012 Noch keine Kommentare

The WOHNENlive Magazine recently published a short article about Open Government Data, which also covered my Infrastructure Visualization.


Open Government Data Wien – First Thoughts

25. May 2011 Noch keine Kommentare

Open Data Initiatives have been blooming all over the world recently starting from the US and Great Britain. Last Week the City of Vienna joined this trend and has published a first round of datasets including census, budget and location information. Of course I also had a look a the data and came up with some first thoughts.

Weiterlesen wins CCA Award

15. March 2011 Noch keine Kommentare

I am really happy to announce that at last weeks CCA-Gala the website won the Venus in Bronze in the “website” category. It features lovingly designed graphical details by Barbara Rettensteiner I animated to make the experience you can now enjoy at


Making of Push Snowboarding Data-Vis

24. February 2011 Noch keine Kommentare

Some insights into how I approached visualising the Push Snowboarding sensor data using Flash, Processing and a particle system.


Getting started with Okapi – Part 1

16. November 2010 Noch keine Kommentare

Ever since I’ve heard Branden Hall talk about Okapi at this years Flash on the Beach Conference I’ve been eager to get my hands on it and start playing around. So I thought a lot of other people might like to try that out as well, so why not write a simple Tutorial. So here we go. This tutorial explains how to export your own artwork form Illustrator for usage with Okapi.


Written Images

21. October 2010 Noch keine Kommentare

As I just got informed one of my generative artworks will be featured in the upcoming “Written Images” book. It is a huge honour for me to be featured in a book together with a lot more famous artists like Casey Reas, Robert Hodgin, Golan Levin, Lia, Marius Watz and alike.


Fabbing: A short introduction

5. October 2010 Noch keine Kommentare

After Flash on the Beach and especially the Session by Jared Tarbell I was hugely inspired to get more into the world of fabbing. So I wanted to have a closer look at what this actually means in terms of possibilities opening up, where and how you can do it and then show some more inspirational stuff.